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2020: A Year for Solar Growth January 09, 2020 | Uncategorized

Solar has made huge strides of progress in its lifespan, but it really has been picking up in the last decade. Expect 2020 a year for solar growth. By no means is it slowing down.

Expectations set for solar power

2020 A year for solar growth:

According to recently released data by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, natural gas has taken a decline from its foothold in the electric scene. In fact, renewable energy is finally almost as large in terms of generation as non-renewable energy. In fact, solar makes up roughly 20% of all new electric generation capacity. Now with the new year, as the papers were published in October, it is likely that renewable energy has overtaken non-renewable energy with its rapid expansion.

Ken Bossong, Executive director of SUN DAY, a campaign for renewable energy, stated: “I think it is highly probable that renewables, dominated by wind and solar, will comfortably take the lead for new capacity added in 2019 and then continue to expand their lead in 2020 and beyond.” This shines a light in the way for renewable electricity in the following decade.

Final word

Back in 2010, solar compromised a sparse 0.1% of electric generation. Over the past decade, solar has grown more competitive than any other kind of renewable electricity. Judging by the exponential growth of solar in the past decade, we can assume it will only become more exponential in growth than ever before. With the push for green power, the 2020s really are a decade for more growth in clean solar energy.

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