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Expert Solar Panel Installation Services April 27, 2022 | residential solar panels

Perhaps you are contemplating the installation of a solar power system for your home. You’ve explored some of the costs and benefits, and it may be time to make that important next step. There are substantial, long-term advantages to “going green” and reducing your carbon footprint by installing solar for your home. There are initial costs, but the long-term benefits can justify the initial expenditure. If your residential solar power project is in the planning phases there are several things to discuss with your solar panel system installers in Norfolk, VA.


The design phase is perhaps the most important part of your residential solar project. A solar system is composed of several individual components that must work together to produce a viable system with the best possible efficiency and longevity. An expert solar contractor will have a depth of experience to respond to the various challenges in any solar installation project.


First, the basics. The factors to consider include:

  • The structural integrity of the roof and support elements
  • The position of your home in relation to the sun’s rays
  • Available surface area is unbroken by skylights, vents, chimneys, etc.
  • Will solar panels affect the draining of rainwater

In addition to the basic structural issues, you must also consider:

  • Grid connectivity
  • Financing- including tax incentives and rebates
  • Insurance policies vary for damage due to inclement weather. Check your coverage.
  • Realistic savings on power costs
  • How and when will you be credited or paid for the power generated by your system that is returned to the grid?


So perhaps you’ve been exploring your options, and it’s time to choose a contractor for your solar panel installation services in Norfolk, VA. A quality solar power contractor will have the expert knowledge and resources to make your experience as worry-free as possible. There are several specific criteria to consider when choosing a solar power installation service contractor:


Do they ask the right questions? Ensure that your contractor takes the time and effort to not only explain the process, but also determine your needs and expectations. There are many myths and misunderstandings about solar, and a quality contractor will be able to provide realistic, credible input and set you up for success.


Does your contractor understand the available tax credits and rebates offered by the federal, as well as from state, and local governments? Are there manufacturer rebates? Are they familiar with the buyback programs and incentives offered by your local power utility?


Is your contractor properly licensed and insured? A solar power system is a complex arrangement of different elements that must work together to be effective. Ask for the credentials for your contractor during the bidding phase, especially before signing any contract. Ask to have a complete listing of any warranties, and be sure they are clearly defined. Some things to look for include:


Warranty on the panels themselves (25 years is the industry standard).

Warranty on installation. This covers you for improper installation and defective equipment including parts and labor. The warranty periods and range of services may vary.

Warranty on battery and inverter system. There are different types of power conversion and storage systems. Be sure that your contractor includes the warranties on the individual components.


Confidence in your solar contractor is very important. Be sure that they explain how the different components of your system will function together and can explain measures for routine maintenance.


Now is the time to go solar with the experts at Expert Solar Pros.


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