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Expert Solar Pros Guide to Solar Panels and Installation July 28, 2022 | residential solar panels, Solar Panels

At Expert Solar Pros, we are focused on providing the best available solar power systems for our Hampton Roads community. We are a local business with years of experience in the area, and we provide estimates, installation, service, and financing directly from our headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA.

Local is important when it comes to the installation and service of residential solar power systems. We understand the climate, the individual communities and their buildings and types of construction. We understand the municipal building codes, the local utility service, can more easily source materials, and our workforce lives and works in the community. By calling ourselves Expert Solar Pros, we strive to live up to the name. We are accountable for our quality of work, and are available for continued advice and service well after the completion of your solar installation project.

Getting Started

Taking the first step toward the installation of a home solar panel system in Virginia Beach couldn’t be easier. We are a couple of clicks or a phone call away. An experienced consultant from Expert Solar Pros will conduct a free on-site assessment of your property, examine your utility usage, and recommend a system based on your current and projected kWh needs.

We will then consult with you to design the optimal system for your property based on your needs and expectations.

System Requirements and “Expert” Knowledge

At Expert Solar we understand that every solar installation is unique. Whether it is installing a system on a new construction project, or working an array of solar panels into a building upgrade or restoration, leveling up to solar requires careful attention to detail. The location of your home, the amount of kWh needed, the angle of your roof, and the amount of available square footage are among the issues that play an important role in the design and installation of a residential solar system. Expert Solar Pros has access to the newest technology and developments in the industry, and can recommend the appropriate panels, inverters, and power storage solutions for your project. Expert Solar Pros are also well informed on local codes and regulations concerning the return of surplus power from your system to the local power grid. The local power utility offers cash incentives for surplus power generated by residential systems.

One-Stop Service and Financing

Financing your solar installation project can pose any number of difficulties. There are financing options through Fannie Mae, and local lenders. Certain tax incentives are available through the federal government. There is a guide that has been put together by the US Department of Energy that outlines the 26% solar tax credit available for homeowners who complete a solar installation project in 2022. This tax credit reduces to 22% in 2023. With the US rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, the prospect of the tax breaks being extended is unclear. Those interested in installing home solar panels in Virginia Beach are advised to take advantage of the tax breaks while they are available.

Expert Solar Pros also offers in-house financing to many customers, placing a residential solar system directly in reach for no money down. Please see the Financing Information Page for more information.

If you’re ready for net-zero power bills, and wish to join the thousands of Americans who are lowering their carbon emission load, it’s time for a call to Expert Solar Pros for an evaluation of your property and for more information about going solar. Expert Solar Pros at (757) 932-3277.


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