Utilizing Solar Electricity Efficiently
How Companies Are Utilizing Solar Electricity Efficiently? September 23, 2022 | Green Living, Solar Panels

Solar electricity has quickly become a reliable and sought-after source of renewable energy. Today, more people than ever are converting to solar panels. This includes a number of large and small businesses across the country. By utilizing solar electricity efficiently, many businesses can save over 30% on their annual utility bills. But how exactly are they doing that? As a solar panel installation company in Norfolk, VA, Expert Solar has helped many businesses reduce their overhead costs and utilize their solar electricity efficiently. Learn how by reading below.

Why Businesses are Using Solar Panels

In the past few years a variety of businesses have chosen to convert to solar panels for a renewable energy source. But why are businesses using solar panels? What are the benefits? Well, there are many benefits including:

  • Cutting overhead costs
  • Scalability
  • Independence from other energy sources
  • Tax benefits
  • Financial and environmental investment

Solar panels absorb UV light and convert it into energy to be used in your business practices. This can significantly reduce your overhead costs for electricity by decreasing your dependency on grid energy. (Particularly because grid energy is subject to inflation, supply shortages, and cost increases.)

In addition, as your business grows, your solar power can grow with you. By increasing the number of solar panels used on your property, you can continue to scale without increasing your overhead costs as well.

Similarly, this investment makes both financial and environmental sense since consumers are looking for businesses that make an effort to be green. Finally, through various tax benefits, many businesses can receive a tax return on the price of the solar panel installation.

How Businesses Use Solar Electricity Efficiently

As you can see, it is beneficial to conver your business to solar electricity, but how do you do it in a way that is efficient and beneficial? That is what we are here to help you with. Here are six ways that businesses are using solar electricity efficiently.

Solar Parking Lots

Your employees have to travel to work every day to get to your office building. Why not protect their car from the heat and prevent damage to their cars by offering a solar panel canopy? Parking lots are already a part of your building and business design, but you can make them more efficient by placing solar panels above the parking lot. This not only shades cars from the sun, but also converts that energy into electricity for your building.

Solar Water Pumps

In every business, directing water is a necessary part of your plan. Whether that be water used for commercial, industrial,or agricultural purposes, you need a way to direct it to the right location. Water pumps are typically used to perform these duties. Because water pumps are powered by electricity, that mean that solar panels can also be used to power them. Converting your water panels to a solar energy solution can decrease your utility bills.

Solar Lighting

Similar to water pumps, the lights within a building or outside of buildings are typically powered by electricity. Instead of using the grid, you can choose to use solar panels to power the lights in your building, in the parking lot, or outside of the buildings.

Solar Telecommunications

One fascinating development in the telecommunications industry is the use of solar panels to power them. Now, your telephones, can be powered by solar panels instead of electricity. This is incredibly beneficial for businesses located in remote aeas where finding reliable telephone service is difficult.

Heating and Cooling

Just like lighting, heating and cooling are powered by electricity generated from the grid. Because of this, heating and cooling your buildings can be one of the most expensive bills you receive. Instead of relying on the grid, you can depend on solar panels to heat and cool your buildings. They are more reliable and significantly cheaper than grid electric.


Another way that businesses are using solar electricity efficiently is by using it to power chargers. This can include chargers for your phones, laptops, computers, cars, etc. Instead of paying for the electricity it takes to charge these devices, you can generate the electricity yourself and use it to power your devices directly. This can significantly reduce the amount of non-renewable energy you utilize.

Convert to Solar Energy with a Solar Panel Contractor in Norfolk, VA

With so many benefits and efficient ways to utilize solar energy, it is easy to see why so many businesses are making the switch to solar panels. Are you ready to make the switch? Expert Solar is a solar installation contractor in Norfolk, VA, that works with commercial businesses to discover a more efficient energy solution.

In order to make solar panels more affordable, we offer financing options that can help your overcome the initial investment into this renewable energy source. Particularly when you qualify for the solar tax credit.

Interested in moving towards a more renewable energy source? Call Expert Solar at (757) 988-7777 or go online to contact us and see how much a solar panel installation can save your business.


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