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Installing Solar Panels- A Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Option for Electricity May 25, 2022 | Solar Panels

As a homeowner, you have many choices to make in order to ensure proper maintenance of your property, and to maximize and protect your investment. One of the primary concerns is the best way to maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The money spent on utility bills has commonly been one of the recurring headaches for homeowners. Increasing the R-rating for your insulation, double pane windows, and more efficient heating and cooling systems are a big plus, but going solar is becoming a more attractive option for many.


The idea of installing a solar system on your home poses a number of questions. The installation costs may seem daunting at first for many who may not see the future potential for savings. If you have a new construction project, now is the best time to consider solar, while the costs for the initial installation can be absorbed into a new construction project. Installing solar on a new construction may be easier than retrofitting an existing structure, but solar technology is becoming more refined as the popularity increases, and with more vendors creating new solutions, installing solar on an existing structure is becoming much easier and worth the cost. Now is the time to consider residential solar panel installation on your home in Norfolk.

Solar: A Cost-Effective Energy Option

You may be asking if the benefits are worth the cost. The initial start-up costs vary widely depending on a number of factors including:

  • Geographic location
  • Orientation of your home in respect to the sun
  • Size of your array in panels and battery capacity
  • Difficulty of installation
  • State, federal, and local rebates and incentives
  • Buy-back programs from your local power utility

One of the more attractive incentives to going solar is the availability of subsidies and tax relief programs offered by federal and local governments. They recognize the important potential of solar and have made these programs available to ease the burden of the initial installation. The federal government offers tax incentives of up to 26% for solar installations, and the Commonwealth of Virginia offers incentives that are detailed at

Many local power utilities offer buy-back programs for surplus solar power from home solar panels in Norfolk VA returned to the grid. This, as well as a range of savings up to 80% or more will result in real reductions in your electricity bills over time. Solar panels can also add a significant percentage to the resale value of your home.

Going Green

With increased awareness of environmental concerns with the carbon emissions associated with using fossil fuels for electricity generation, sustainable and renewable energy sources have become a global focus. People are becoming more proactive in finding novel solutions to traditional power generation, and solar power is leading the charge. Depending on the geographic location of your home, a solar power system can reduce carbon emissions equaling as much as 5,000 tons or more of coal annually. Installing solar panels in Norfolk, VA can put you in the growing number of homeowners who are doing their part to reduce the generation of harmful greenhouse gasses, as well as utilizing an abundant resource for savings in the future.

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