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Saving on Electricity Bills with a Home Solar Panel System August 03, 2022 | residential solar panels, Solar Panels

The United States is home to one of the world’s most ideal locations for solar power generation. Add to that one of the most innovative research and manufacturing environments, informed and motivated property owners, and dedicated installation professionals, and you have what is becoming the fastest-growing development in clean energy anywhere.

Whether motivated by the very real savings on electrical costs, or the desire to lessen their carbon footprint on the world and lower their dependence on fossil fuels, homeowners are embracing the newest developments in solar technology to power their homes and businesses.

Calculating the Costs

When you are calculating the costs for your home solar panel system in Virginia Beach, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Every project is different, depending on your individual circumstances, but there are a number of key issues that will influence the cost and efficiency of your project.

Utility Needs- Past Expenditures

To get a good understanding of what sort of solar power system you will need for your home, you will need to know the average power usage for at least one year. Take into consideration any unusual weather patterns that may have required more-than-usual heating and cooling needs.
There are also programs in many localities that allow for surplus energy generated by your home solar system to be returned to the power grid through your local power utility. In many cases, the result is a check from the power utility.

Equipment and Installation

Estimates and actual costs of a home solar array can vary widely depending on a number of variables. The position of your home, pitch and orientation of your roof, and available square footage, can all affect the price of your system. There are a number of different types of solar panels available that vary in cost and rates of efficiency. It is also advisable to make sure that your roof is in good repair, and does not need replacement for a number of years. Your solar power professionals at Expert Solar will be able to advise you on installing home solar panels Virginia Beach VA.

Tax Credits- Take Advantage Now

There is a unique and substantial cost-saving benefit to installing solar power on your home that could save thousands of dollars. The federal government will extend a 26% tax credit on the completed installation of a solar power system through the Federal Solar Tax Credit. For every $10,000 spent on your solar system, you will see a savings of $2,600 on your tax bill in the next year. This credit covers project expenditures on equipment (panels, mounting hardware, inverters, and power storage), as well as labor and permits. This tax credit covers systems completed by the end of 2022, and drops to 22% for 2023. This credit may be extended with the United States rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, but there is no definitive progress thus far. Now is the time to claim your tax credits for solar.

If you are considering solar for your home, the savings on electricity will go far to offset the initial installation of your system. For professional advice on residential solar panels in Virginia Beach, call Expert Solar Pros for estimates and advice. Expert Solar Pros (757) 988-7777.


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