Solar Panel Installation Expectations vs. Reality
Solar Panel Installation: Expectations vs. Reality November 08, 2022 | Solar Panels

Solar panels are an increasingly popular alternative energy source for homeowners and businesses alike. And while they are becoming more commonplace, several misconceptions still prevent individuals from making the switch. Expert Solar Pros is a solar panel contractor in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach that has helped hundreds of homeowners discover the benefits of solar panel installation. See the reality for yourself.

Common Misconceptions of Solar Panel Installation

When homeowners or businesses choose to install solar panels as an alternative energy source, they tend to hold a few common misconceptions about solar panels. These misconceptions and preconceived expectations can decrease the likelihood of individuals choosing solar panels and prevent them from making sound financial decisions. Some of these expectations may also lead to disappointment if not adequately addressed. At Expert Solar Pros, we want our customers to understand the truth about solar panels and choose a solution that meets their needs. Some of the frequent expectations individuals have relate to grid reliance, energy output, the impact on your roof, the weather/climate requirements, the lifespan/investment of these panels, and the return on your investment.

Off-Grid vs. Net Metering

Expectation: I Can Go Fully Off the Grid

Reality: I Won’t Rely on the Grid as Much

While your solar panels will help you rely on the grid less and spend less money, you may still need to rely on grid energy to get you through the days. Your solar panels can only supply a certain amount of energy throughout the day. They cannot produce energy at night unless you have a battery or an energy storage solution. This can result in you needing to rely on the grid for some of your energy usage. Partially relying on the grid and partially relying on solar panels is known as net metering. With net metering, you sell any extra energy your solar panels produce during the day to the utility company. In return, you get energy from the utility in the evening when needed.

Energy Output

Expectation: 100% of My Energy Consumption is Covered

Reality: Some of My Energy Consumption May Not Be Covered

There is only so much space available for solar panels on your roof. Depending on the amount of energy you utilize throughout the day, the energy output of the solar panels may not cover all the energy you utilize. Solar panels, in general, can help to offset utility expenses but not cover them completely. You may still need to rely on the grid to make up for the extra energy you consume.

Impact on Roof

Expectation: The roof will be damaged during installation and maintenance.

Reality: The roof is protected from the elements and shaded from sun damage.

While many believe installing solar panels will damage your roof, it is not true. When installed properly, solar panels do not damage your home’s roof and can protect it from damage caused by weather and the sun.


Expectation: Solar panels only work in warm and sunny areas.

Reality: Solar panels work in all climates and weather conditions.

While the overall weather and climate of your geographical area can impact their efficiency, solar panels work and produce energy in all weather conditions and climates. For more information on how weather affects your solar panel efficiency, check out our article: What Are the Effects of Weather on Solar Panels Efficiency?


Expectation: Solar panels don’t last very long and require frequent maintenance.

Reality: Solar panels are resilient and designed to last a long time.

Unlike the frequent expectations, solar panels are designed to last for 25+ years. Similarly, these panels are developed to withstand common weather conditions and episodes. In fact, most solar panels are created to withstand high winds, temperatures, snow, sleet, hail, and more.

Return on Investment

Expectation: It will take years to see a return on my investment.

Reality: It can only take a year to see a return on investment.

It used to be that solar panels were a significant investment to make because the cost to produce them was so high. Today, solar panels are much more economical, and the average homeowner can afford them. Through financing options, tax returns, and more, a solar panel installation in Chesapeake is more affordable than ever.

Save Money, Get Solar Panels with Solar Panel Installation in Chesapeake

Are you ready to save money, convert to a green energy resource, and discover the benefits of utilizing solar panels? Expert Solar Pros is a solar panel contractor in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. We work with homeowners to craft a solar panel solution that meets their energy requirements and fits their budget. See the reality for yourself with solar panel installation in Chesapeake from Expert Solar Pros.

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