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Solar Technology: the Inner Workings February 10, 2020 | Solar, Solar Generators, Solar Panels

Solar technology advanced incredibly since the first solar cell in 1888, made by Aleksandr Stoletov based on the research of Heinrich Hertz made the year prior. Despite the commonplace application of the solar panel, there can be a lot of ambiguity regarding how they work. Before getting into the world of solar, this article can help you be educated.

Sun Power

As the sun first hits the surface of a panel, the rays of light can excite electrons down through the layers of semiconductor silicon in the panel. This will produce direct current, or ‘DC’, power, which is something you will become familiar seeing when discussing solar panels. This kind of electricity will be unusable by your appliances at home, at least in the state that it’ll be in. Then, inverters come into the picture.


A solar inverter will transform the direct current into alternating current (AC) power. The difference between the two is that alternating current can change polarity frequently, which, without all the technical aspects needing explained, means that it can be used a lot faster and with more intensity. Most homes will typically run on powerful AC energy. DC energy can more often than not be seen in batteries .

Your home

As the inverter is all done with its job, it can send your power to two places. This depends on where it’s needed. If you’re running electricity, the current is sent into your home to power your appliances. However, some people produce more electricity than what’s being used. The power company can either store that power for you to use later. If you don’t use it, they’ll pay you for any unused electricity.

Solar technology progressed a lot over its lifespan. When you introduce it into your home, you’ll be informed on the ins and outs of solar technology.


your total project costs

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