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Solar Technology February 27, 2020 | Solar, Solar Panels

Solar Technology Savings

There’s always more progress being made in the way of solar technology accessible to those who are interested, and there are ways to find what kind of money you could save with it. You can know today how solar can help you.

Many free tools online, such as Project Sunroof from Google, can give you a general idea of how much you could be saving on solar. It displays where you get the most sun, and therefore, where you should be placing solar panels. You can get a general estimate online, but these methods are not always accurate.

A better alternative is looking up local solar companies that can give you an estimate based on more personalized factors of your electricity usage, and some companies offer free in-house estimates for your home.

Solar is growing to be an extremely viable alternative to major, non-renewable energy sources. In 2020, solar power has grown by 29% in the past year in the USA, and it will likely both make many more jobs, as well as provide alternative energy to thousands of American homes.

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