Installing Solar Panels on New Construction
Top Tips for Installing Solar Panels: New Construction April 05, 2022 | Federal Tax Credit, Financing, residential solar panels

If you are in the process of selecting property as a site for a new residential project or designing or building a new home, there are innumerable things to consider. If you haven’t taken the time to consider incorporating a solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system into your new construction plans, now may be the time to explore the benefits of a renewable energy system that will not only provide relief from future utility bills but can also contribute significantly to the value of your home.


By considering a solar energy system into your new construction plans, you have already taken the first positive step toward future energy savings, but also are contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gasses released in the atmosphere through traditional fossil-fuel-based power generation, and making an effort to embrace a cleaner and greener world. When installing solar panels on new construction in Virginia Beach, Expert Solar Pros is your partner in the construction of residential solar power systems.


Beginning a residential construction project with a solar system in mind is much easier, and significantly cheaper than attempting to retrofit an existing building, especially if there are structural issues already in place that would complicate the installation or the efficiency of the system. The price of installing solar along with the new construction can be easily absorbed into the overall construction costs, yet represent additional resale value.


Here are a few things to consider when incorporating a solar power system into your new home construction project:

Orientation of your Home and Roof– To maximize the amount of available sunlight gathered by your solar (PV) system, the roof should be south-facing with as much surface area available as possible. This may mean orienting the structure on the property to accommodate this. When planning your system, consider the location of trees, buildings, and other obstacles that may cast shade onto your roof. Industry experts recommend that solar arrays are best pitched between 30 and 35 degrees.

Design and Materials– Be certain that your construction plans ensure that your roof has the weight-bearing capacity for a solar power system. Plan the location of mounting points. Consider the weather hazards for your area and plan accordingly. Chimneys, vents, skylights, and dormers can break up the available surface area of your roof, and complicate the most efficient deployment of a PV solar array. Certain materials such as Cedar shingles and Slate tiles are fragile, and may not be ideal for use with a rooftop solar power system. There are newer materials such as integrated solar roof tiles entering the market that may be ideally suited to your project.

Design of Main Service Box & Circuit Breakers– Be certain that your home electrical control panel is designed and built with the components of the solar system built-in as part of the new construction. There are components such as conduit, battery arrays, and current converters that are crucial to the operation of the solar power system. Be aware of the policies of your local power utility concerning the return of electrical power to the grid. When building new houses with solar panels in Virginia Beach, Expert Solar Pros can guide you through the necessary steps.


If you are planning a solar energy system when building your new home, do so with the peace of mind that you will have a dependable source of renewable energy. If you have an existing PV system and wish to move your existing solar panel system to a new home in Virginia Beach, call us at 757-988-7777.


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