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    In as far as the company "Expert Solar Pros", and as a consumer of their product who experienced their professional operations from beginning to present, I feel that I can provide an honest, complete, and positive review of this company and it's product. I made an appointment with Ashley ,who arrived on time, and conducted a very informative presentation, answering any and all of my questions....truthfully. Because of his presentation and the information I received, I made the decision to purchase his product. It was a most pleasant and positive experience. Next, the materials and workers arrived and installed the system. These people were the most pleasant and professional workers that I have had the pleasure to experience in a long time. I cannot say enough about these workers. Next, my system became operational and I began to reap my reward. Long story short, my last electrical bill was $8.33!!!! I love this system. I would definitely use this company and purchase their product all over again for many, many reasons; money down, professional installation, warranted workmanship and materials, HUGE increase to value of my home, unbelievable Federal tax credit, NO MORE MASSIVE ELECTRIC BILLS...I am not at the power company's mercy. My experience with Expert Solar Pros, was a win, win, win experience!!! They are deserving of the name of their company, as it is MOST accurate and descriptive. Thank you so much to Ashley, Ben, Ron, and to all the workers who made my experience so pleasant and positive. Melvin Brinkley
    Melvin Brinkley
    14:18 09 Jun 21
    Expert Solar Pros was a fantastic with and very professional. Kept me in the loop from start to finish. The salesman Ashley Ingram was exact, professional, knowledge and honest. I would highly recommend Expert Solar Pros and Ashley Ingram to family and friends.
    Leonard Scarna
    20:35 07 Jul 21
    My overall experience with expert solar has been beyond fantastic. They have worked with me every step of the way and I have really been blown away by their amazing customer service. Any questions or concerns I've had, they have been quick to address them. Quick shout out to Ben, Jackie and Ron for getting the job done, I really appreciate your dedication to your customers. Note with covid things are going slower such as city inspections etc. But hopefully with the covid restrictions slowly changing it will fix that. I was extremely pleased with the comment our inspector gave by saying this has been one of the better installs he has seen by far, he even went as far as saying the best in his opinion. He stated a lot of other companies make rookie mistakes causing re-inspections. Which I am thankful was not needed. Thanks expert solar for making this an easy experience!
    William Fulmer
    13:39 02 Jul 21
    I have nothing but amazing things to say about this company. From start to finish everything went so smoothly. Jax was a dream to work with and made sure I was comfortable with what I was looking for. I have had my solar panels since April and it was a 1000% worth it. We have saved so much money and I was so impressed!
    Michelle Pasquale-Podolsky
    19:37 06 Jan 21
    We decided to go solar after a consultation appointment with Expert Solar Pros. They came to our house, did an energy analysis, and were able to give us a plan and quote on the same day.The install went pretty smoothly as well over two days. We were finally able to turn on our panels about a month later and have since seen our electric bill decrease significantly.Overall, we’ve been very happy. Everyone we worked with at Expert Solar Pros was professional, courteous, and eager to help out with any questions or concerns we had. We would definitely recommend them to anyone considering solar!
    Silena Chapman
    03:25 26 Sep 20
    What a privilege to have a top notch and recommended by Enphase installer in the Hampton road. My system consists of 77 panels near the hilltop area. Amazing company the team is super knowledgeable and make you feel at ease when you have a question. They are super competitive in price and stand behind their work. Courteous, punctual and knowledgeable. They don’t cut corners on their install. I would recommend them to all my neighbors. Don’t waist one minute with out of town or lower price installer. These guys are the real deal. 👍👍👍
    Olivier Perrault
    22:26 08 Jun 22
    The installation crew were prompt and finished the job in just one day! I don’t understand why every home on my street doesn’t have solar. Great savings and great for the environment.
    Customer Service
    23:50 14 Jun 22
    Ashkey was very honest and informative to what I need to have solar power for my home. I would recommend him to any homeowner who wants to invest in sole power
    Daren Wood
    01:41 27 Apr 22
    Brandon our sales rep did a fantastic job answering all of our questions, me and my wife have been tossing the idea around of getting solar for some time now. After speaking with Brandon everything just made sense to make the jump, can’t wait to get these panels installed!
    Rafal Rzeszutek
    01:50 29 Jul 22
    We absolutely love our experience with Expert Solar Pros. The sales people were upfront, honest and answered all our questions without hesitation. The installation was seamless and the Experts team kept us informed through the entire process including once the power company had ok and approved our system to be turned on. We couldn't be happier!!!
    Paige Kus
    19:14 06 Oct 22
    Brandon Caylor was great from start to finish! He kept us informed the entire way from sale to system completion. I’m so glad we made this investment in our home. Needless to say We have almost eliminated our reliance on Virginia power during the summer months and keep being amazed by our systems performance.
    Carl Von Mosch
    10:40 22 Sep 22
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