Expert Solar Blog Post – What is Solar?

The sun is an infinite source of energy, and we at EXPERT SOLAR help our customers benefit by using that resource. Here is an overview of how solar panels work.

Solar Panels Soak Up Sunlight
When the sunlight hits the solar cells on a rooftop solar panel, it converts particles of sunlight (photons) into electrons of direct current (DC) electricity. This is a good start but DC electricity won’t power your home on its own. That is where our solar inverters come in.

Change DC to AC
A solar inverter box is usually installed on the outside side of your house and that is what will change the electricity from DC to AC, everything runs off of AC (alternating current) electricity. This is where the solar meter goes to work

Solar Electricity in the Home
Solar electricity from the inverter flows through a service panel to your home or the grid. It works just like your electricity so there is nothing to do or a learning curve. If your​ ​solar doesn’t produce enough energy to cover all of your electricity needs, you are still connected to the electric power, so you can use more energy from your power company when you need to.

Solar Electricity & Net Meter
The net meter keeps track of electricity that flows into the grid from your solar system. So, if your solar panel system creates more energy than you have used, you get a positive credit on your bill.

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