Solar Panel Usage

How it Works

Solar panels help generate clean and free energy. The technology and process is simple and easy to understand. It’s not complicated at all! Our team is ready to guide you through it all.

Components for Our Solar Panel System

Solar Panels

A Contractor is installing Home Solar Panel System in Virginia


A contractor is installing solar panel inverter for home

Electric Meter

solar installation contractor checking Electric Meter

Full Monitoring System

solar installation contractor monitoring home solar panel system

It all starts over 94 million miles away with the sun. It gives infinite light, whether it’s sunny, rainy, cloudy, or snowy. Photovoltaic cells from solar panels react to the sun’s light to produce electricity (DC aka Direct Current). This is where the Enphase Inverter comes in.

It converts the generated DC (Direct Current) into electricity we can use (AC aka Alternating Current) in our homes, offices, and pretty much everywhere!

This free electricity then powers everything you can think of, from lighting around your house to sound systems in your home theater to a variety of other common appliances.

Following Expert Solar Pros’ usage recommendations allows for any surplus electricity to flow back into the grid for others to use. At the same time, you will receive solar credits which will lower your electricity bill.

The solar credits are calculated by the net meter. This calculates the amount of solar panel usage sent to the grid and compares it with the energy received. This means you’ll benefit from your solar system by drawing free power from the grid even when it gets dark.

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  • Zero out-of-pocket expense for most homeowners
  • Reliable, 100% clean energy for 25+ years
  • Lower electric bills
  • Locked-in power rate for the next 30 years
  • Higher home resale value
  • Federal Tax Credit
  • Low-interest financing available
  • We handle all utility and permit paperwork
  • Unmatched customer service
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