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    Federal Solar Tax Credit

    The federal government will pay 26% of your total solar project costs. Don’t wait! Now is the best time to make the move to a solar panel system for your home.

    So, how does this Federal Solar Tax Credit work? When you install a solar panel system, part of your total project costs can be claimed as a credit on your federal tax return, which you would claim the very same year the installation is completed. The credit would be applied the following year, leading to a lower tax amount that you would owe.

    For example, if your project costs a total of $10,000, you can claim 26% (or $2,600) of that total cost as a federal tax credit and owe $2,600 less in taxes the following year. Those tax savings can go a long way, so be sure to keep any and all relevant receipts.

    Expenses you can claim

    • Solar equipment

    • Electrician fees

    • Permitting fees and services costs

    • Freight shipping costs

    • Engineer fees

    • Tree removal costs

    • Solar consulting fees

    • Purchased/rented tools and equipment

    • New roof or roofing repairs

    • Professional installer fees

    • Wiring, screws, bolts, nails, and more



    The more you spend on your solar conversion, the larger your tax credit will be. And if you choose to hire a contractor for your project’s solar panel installation, that expense can also be claimed towards the federal solar tax credit.

    GET 26% OFF

    your total project costs

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