Trina Achieves Another Record in Solar

Trina Solar was founded in 1997 and has been providing smart and reliable solar technology to landowners, developers, commercial businesses and residents from all over the world.

Again, Trina achieves another record in solar! It has claimed a world record 23.22% conversion efficiency with a large area version of its n-type, crystalline silicon, i-TOPCon (industrial tunnel-oxide passivated contact) solar cell.

The record-breaking bifacial device was manufactured using a low-cost industrial process, said Trina in a statement yesterday, on a large phosphorus-doped, cast-mono silicon substrate. The 247.79cm² cell reached a total-area front side efficiency of 23.22%, a result Trina said has been independently confirmed by ISFH CalTeC in Germany.

The landmark constitutes another achievement by Trina’s State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology. In May, the laboratory broke the n-type mono i-TOPCon cell record with a conversion rate of 24.58% on a 244.62cm² device.

Trina said its latest record-breaking device is the first multi-crystalline bifacial cell in the world to register a conversion rate above 23% certified by a third party authorization institute.

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